Entry #1

A bit about me.

2013-05-25 15:57:11 by Galejro

Sciaran Galejro, Tremre scribe, at your service.

I mostly deal with arts.That is, I Work on My comicbook "Vampire the Masquerade: The Return of Caine"
http://galejro.blogspot.com/ (Tu jest tez; I polska wersja)
http://galejro.deviantart.com/galle ry/34212309
That deviantart also holds other art that is say, "less qualifying" for newgrounds.
Apart from that there are two illuminated manuscripts and a novel.

I am an amateur, I don't have the skills to pass as a professional and it will be quite some before I reach a simillar level, all I do is for a hobby, and that hobby is vampirism.


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2013-05-25 16:42:11

I think that those are very impressive! You might consider yourself an amateur but what I see is that you developed your own style - that is much more important than definitions of amateur and professional. With art we express ourselves, it defines us. The one who finds his own style - finds himself :)